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Available massages & prices
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Holistic Swedish massage:
A gentle massage treatment to create harmony between the muscles.
280 shekels for 60 minutes

Aromatic Massage:
Combination of oils from a variety of plants for a soothing body massage.
280 shekels for 60 minutes

Reflexology Massage:
Massage to which pressure points are applied to parts of the face and legs to provides a sense of relaxation and stress release.
280 shekels for 60 minutes

Hot stones massage:
An ancient Indian technique involving warm basalt stones to relax the body and muscle tissues.
300 shekels for 60 minutes

Shiatsu massage:
Is a traditional Chinese techniques based on combining joint pressure points along the body's energy to alleviate stress and fatigue.
280 shekels for 60 minutes

Deep tissue massage:
Deep penetrating massage to alleviate stress and fatigue on various muscle tissues.
280 shekels for 60 minutes

* Advance reservations are required *